Stop, Look, and Listen

A life worth sharing will be after a long journey of waiting. Some were lucky to reach the finish line. Yet some had turned waiting to infinity even after they die.

And I am still in the middle, I believe, so the war isn’t over yet. I will only have scars after this frightful battle but I will not lie down covered in blood. I will not let these challenges control the trigger. None of my hands will ever hold a blade. I will not hang myself in regrets nor take fake happiness pills. I will make both of my hands hold each other.

And this is not because my struggle is not as difficult as theirs. I will not take my life to escape just because even in dying, I don’t fit in.

Do you know why I am not going to end it? It is because, nobody deserves to die. Nobody deserves to be curious enough to try to take away the pain by killing himself.

As what I’ve read somewhere, killing does not take away the pain, you only pass it to others.
And nobody deserves pain. We only deserve love.

So please, as much as we can, give and receive love. Love is a broad topic so we will never run out of it.

Spread it to save people who are still battling with fears. Save people who are still trying to not pull the trigger. Save people who are still trying to push the knives and blades away. Save people who are still trying to hide the rope and the medicines from their eyes.

Save us.

Hold our hands if we couldn’t hold ourselves anymore.

Lastly, believe. Every pain is pain. No levels. No intensities. We just need cure. We just need love.

So again, please.


That’s all we need (I believe).


Please. Do. 😞


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