An Unsent Hyped Letter For E

You began the hype with a popular opm song that we could sing to, and then, you offered us original and quality music as always. That was enough for a fan like me but you gave more. You perfectly ended the night by taking the crown as the best band in this battle. You really deserve the title and the fame.

Although some people commented that you do not deserve what you’ve got, it doesn’t remove the fact that you’re the one who brought the trophy home. Opinions matter but as long as their rants aren’t technical, I wish that you would stay calm and worriless. Subjective opinions are normal after every competition especially if they really have a bet.

I know their words might hurt you. But remember that aside from the people who hated your victory, there are other people who love your music and are proud of how you’ve changed as performers within a year.

Honestly, you’re growing too fast and with confidence. The way you played your instruments and sang your winning piece shows that you’ll go far someday. And I am looking forward to that possibility.

Cheers to more original compositions and stage performances inside and outside the vicinity of our university. I hope you’re always doing fine. See you again as a band. And when I see you, I believe that you’re already doing fine in this industry.

PS. My admiration to your band is not only because you’re my blockmates and one of your members is a close friend of mine. I fangirl so hard whenever I see and hear you play because I love the way you create and deliver your own kind of music to the crowd.

I will always love this band. I believe this preliminary sketch would be an actual project very soon. And when you do, instantly count me as your fan. I will never get tired of printing stickers for you.

Wait for my future post about why and how I started to like this band and its music. I am going to introduce them to you someday. For now, I’ll just keep their identity unknown for some reasons. Hehe.

Mabuhay ang OPM!


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