Humming To The Words Unsaid

The paper stayed empty but smudges were all over.

I could not decide what words should I use to sing my days since July.

Maybe, my poems could not really expose my thoughts in the first place.

Because all I need were the exact words that could come out from your mouth.

But because we rarely talked about our lives, only a small piece of paper was enough.

Yet it didn’t create a song that has too much lullaby.

Our story was full of happy, sad, mad, and other melodies.

Small talks and few words might only be redundant all throughout.

So the paper stayed empty and I only hummed the words unsaid.

I hope you could hear it and feel the outro waving goodbye.

The song I used to write started with stories to be told.

I thought it was a duet but I ended up solo.

PS. The song about us is still unwritten and I guess, I won’t write it anymore.


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