Kung Kilala Mo Ako Sa Personal, Basahin Mo Muna Ito (Pleaseee!)

[The old content was erased. This new post is better.]

Kung kilala mo ako sa personal, please understand my sense of privacy. I know this blog is set to be accessed by the public but hiding the contents from your reach (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is the first sign that my privacy is set to exclude you from my possible readers. I do not intend to push you away or say something behind your back if ever one of my posts refers to you. Please do not misunderstand. Know clearly that the purpose of this blog is just for me who does not have someone to talk to sometimes about my recent life goals and stress, and overthinks and gets depressed easily. My thoughts are just unexpectedly bursting out freely when I am here, and it is the freedom I have been searching for since it is already noticeably crowded (and unfortunately toxic) in other social media sites.

And since I am great in overthinking, I actually thought right now that if you, someone I personally know, would ever read this, you might ask me to turn it down or to change the privacy into which my blog is visible only to me. But in case, I would not do neither of the two. This is what I want. Let me want it this time.

Sorry, you do not know what I feel whenever I talk to the several strangers here who also think of me as stranger.

Sorry, but you do not know the satisfaction we get in seeing word vomits in our feed instead of blood.

Sorry, but you still do not know blogosphere. However, you may try.

Thank you for reading this first. Unlike the first version, you are permitted to read as much as you want. My only one wish is please do not tell others you found it. If you would, now you know why I did not tell you anything about this in the first place.


26 thoughts on “Kung Kilala Mo Ako Sa Personal, Basahin Mo Muna Ito (Pleaseee!)

  1. Lelz

    Ganyan ako minsan! May pinsan akong nag bblog pero may pinsan din akong mga chismosa hahaha. Lalo na nakalink sa desc yung link ng blog ko sa twitter at twitter ko hnd naka public. Hahaha

    Kaya minsan kapag may hinanaing ako sa kanila kahit gusto kong iblog, di ko magawa. Lalo na sa views ng blog, nappraning ako lol

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  2. ako din public ung blog pero di ko pinagkakalat na may blog ako at wala ring link sa IG ko at FB. ayoko rin na makita nila yung mga rants este mga kwento ko dito haha! minsan napapraning din ako at feeling ko may nagi-stalk sakin tas maiisip ko.. ngek. sino naman magkakainteres sakin nyaha! so ayun. public lang sya. parang di ako komprotable pag alam kong may kakilala akong nakakabasa ng blog ko πŸ˜€

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  3. HisPrincess ❀

    Nakakarelate ako. Hahaha! Minsan nga naiisip ko bakit pa ako nagboblog ng public kung takot naman ako may makabasa? Ipa-private ko tapos ipapublic ko ulit. Gulo! Haha. Bukod sa bf ko, wala na ako sinabihang may blog ako. Good thing is…hindi sya mahilig magbasa ng mga blogs. Kaya safe pa rin. Pero napapraning pa rin ako pag nakikita ko yung views. Lol. 😁

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  4. Hahah. Ganyan na ganyan ako dati nung college days. Tapos may classmate akong nagbigay ng letter sa kin nakalagay ‘I read your blogs. keep inspiring other people.’ lols Hanggang sa naging mapili na ako sa pagba-blog. Ngayon iba na tema ng blog ko, after all those years.

    Nakakatuwa isipin na minsan yung mga tao sa blogsphere na nagbabasa ng blog natin pero hindi naman tayo kilala personally ay parang yun pa yung totoong nakakakilala sa atin ng lubos. Yung mga sinusulat kasi natin ang laman ng puso at isip natin. Wala tayong pakialam sa iisipin ng iba. Hindi tayo natatakot husgahan. Hindi kagaya ng kilala personally, sa itsura palang nahusgahan na tayo.

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    1. I hope sooner maging mapili na rin po ako sa pagbloblog para makapaghain na rin ako ng healthy posts sa mga magbabasa sa blog na ito. Haha lately po kasi sobrang unhealthy ng posts ko lalo na yung mga personal. Anyway, may mga bagay po kasi talagang mas madali kung isusulat nalang hehe πŸ™‚


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